Teleco Pro’s mission is to become effective providers of expert professional services that promote the benefits of digital technology and enhance people’s lives. We believe that modern technology has been developed to bring better life quality. It is through utilizing our technical expertise that we help improve the lifestyle and business of our clients.

We design, install, and maintain satellites for broadcast, telecommunications, and mobile applications, as well as digital signage, routers and switches, and Wi-Fi access points and routers. We are committed to provide a complete and comprehensive service, being fully involved in the entire process from inception and design that considers all your needs and requirements to the completion of the project, vetted and guaranteed fully functional.

Whether your project is for a small business or averagesized office, we are fully capable to handle them. We have installed thousands of communication networks used to transmit data, video, and audio. We have worked on numerous satellite projects involving multi-satellite systems with the internet, HD and Ultra HD capability, and two-way stabilized or mobile ground or maritime station satellite with a dish antenna. The countless digital signage for high-profile advertising we have installed is ubiquitous; so are the wireless Internet routers with the latest standards in Wi-Fi technology we have put into use. We have likewise helped hundreds of commercial client with their office routers, Wi-Fi set up and installation.

We don’t just provide you with the solution you need currently. We make it a point that any installation we perform has the capability for scaling. Technology is not only constantly evolving; the capabilities also expand and this must be taken into consideration when designing a digital project. Our customers’ success is our own success. We fully own the project assigned to us and execute our jobs as if our very business depends on them.

Our technical personnel is one of the most competent and highly trained in the industry. Apart from decades of experience with cutting-edge technologies, they also undergo regular training to keep them abreast of current and emerging technologies. With the speed at which technology develops and evolves and the rate systems become more sophisticated, complacency and stagnation have no place in our business. We have to be on top of technology developments and be steps ahead in our service offering. That way, our customers do not lose out with the potential benefits they stand to get with more advanced technologies. We use state-of-art methods, equipment, and tools in our jobs to give you the finest workmanship and service you deserve.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to get your next project to succeed.

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