An advanced digital system or facility is only half of what it takes to put it and the technology behind it to best use. Its installation, including design, layout, management, and maintenance is the other important component for an effective working technology that can provide you maximum benefits. You need the services of a professional service provider with expertise and many years of experience with technology in putting your system to use.

With our belief that modern technology has been developed to bring about better life quality, we put our passion into providing our customers the most benefits they can get from technology through our competent service utilizing our technical expertise.

Teleco Pro provides expert and efficient design, installation, maintenance, and project management service for your business and commercial digital systems such as digital signage, satellites, routers and switches, and wireless Wi-Fi routers.

Digital Signage

We install digital signage, a form of an electronic display showing advertising, information, and other messages to the intended audience in a display screen or multiple display screens. Powered by a media player or system-on-a-chip, the users are able to manage the content displayed with a content management system on-site or within the cloud even when it is in progress. Digital signage has been proven effective in promotional or information campaigns. It can boost overall sales by up to 5% while the perceived wait times at checkouts can be reduced by 35%.

Satellite and Antenna Installation

When cable and fiber optic internet is not available in your area, we can install a satellite used for broadband like the internet and other applications such as for remote broadcast, mobile communications, and telecommunications. We can likewise install narrowband application satellite for applications such as POS transactions and auto-aim multi-satellite systems with HD and Ultra HD capability. We work with various types of satellite antenna including small dish antenna, which has been proven effective when used for satellite TV and the internet.

Routers and Switches

We configure and install routers, networking devices that forward data packets between computer packets and computer networks to perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet. No matter the size of your workplace, we can install office IP routers to enable you and your employees to connect to a main local network and the Internet.

Wireless Wi-Fi Routers and Access Points

We can provide reliable internet access to the devices you use in your workplace through a wireless Wi-Fi router installation. A Wi-Fi router facilitates the receipt of the information from the internet as well as the transmittal of information to the internet, which then communicates it to your main Wi-Fi network.

We provide the necessary services to let you be able to receive the convenient benefits of your digital systems. Contact us to know how we can help you with your projects.